How fanatical are you when it comes to new student recruitment?

New Podcast Brings Successes & Best Practices into the Spotlight.

Kennedy and Company is excited to launch a new higher education podcast, Fanatical Recruitment, hosted by Principal Consultant, Mickey Baines.

Mickey will spend 5-10 minutes each week interviewing enrollment leaders and champions from the field, as well as experts in our industry, and provide you with ideas and stories of the successes we find in higher ed enrollment.If you want to get each week’s episode delivered to your inbox, then simply complete the form.

In our first episode, Mickey interviews John Mulder. John and Mickey have known each other for many years, and John helped him re-invent a marketing campaign back in 2008, with some great TV and radio spots built around a new persona-based campaign.

John is an excellent story teller, and has built a great career using the camera to capture and produce many great stories. Listen in for some ideas to help get your story recorded on video.

Why did we begin with a topic like video for a recruitment podcast? Because video is intimidating, yet the medium, while visual, allows you to capture still photos, audio and video.
Given the broad range of media you will need to use to promote your programs, video gives you the opportunity to engage the widest group of prospective students.

Together John and Mickey bring two different views, and yet can share through their own collaborations how to use the tool to help you convert more students. Subscribe to the podcast to listen to this interview, as well as the rest of the season. This is a higher education podcast that will capture thoughts and opinions form experts in and out, and cover topics across all segments o our industry.

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