Leveraging CRM & Technology Partners

Technological innovation is transforming day-to- day operations at colleges and universities across all functional areas including enrollment, academics, registrar, student affairs, facilities, and finance and administration. New solutions hit the market every week and many, including those designed for higher education, require customization to accommodate each institution’s specific needs.

Technology can have a huge impact on your efficiency and your results – but only if it is integrated and fully adopted with a deep understanding of your processes, policies, and people.


Our work in this area includes:

  • Department/Function Process Assessment & Redesign
  • RFP Creation, Vendor Assessment, Negotiation Support, & Contract Management
  • Implementation of New CRM Technologies
  • Optimization of Existing CRM Technologies
  • Communication Strategy Development & Communication Flow Planning
  • Enrollment & Student Services Operations Enhancement & Integration with CRM Systems
  • CRM Workflow Automation & Report Development
  • Staff Training & Accountability Related to the Use of CRM & Other Technologies
  • Implementation of Recruiting Best Practices

Ecosystem connectivity

  • Enrollment Strategy
  • Retention Strategy
  • Comprehensive Online Strategy
  • Organizational & Operational Transformation
  • Strategic Planning & Financial Sustainability Services

Primary Customers

  • Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Student Services & Student Success
  • Information Technology
  • Finance, Budgeting, & Administration
  • President/Chancellor/University-wide  Initiatives
  • Professional School Deans