A web-based tool designed to forecast enrollment and enhance the impact of scholarship and yield activities.

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Ever wish? As former Admissions professionals, we wished for better data and insights to guide our enrollment strategy and inform our scholarship decisions. As consultants, we have developed a tool to do just that. Enrollment GPS will help you to:

  • Deliver a class that meets your quality and diversity goals
  • Allocate scholarship dollars and yield outreach where they will have the most impact
  • Enhance the consistency and efficiency of your admission process and scholarship decisions

Innovative features

  • Provides a scholarship recommendation for each admitted student to guide scholarship decisions and enhance consistency across applicants
  • Forecasts your incoming class composition, discount rate, and key academic, demographic, and admissions statistics; compares to your class composition targets
  • Incorporates a sensitivity analysis for both individual propensity to yield and aggregate class forecasts
  • Utilizes a propensity to yield analysis on your institution’s historical data to drive a forecasting model

Implementation of Enrollment GPS

Kennedy & Company will work with your admissions team to tailor Enrollment GPS to your specific goals, school culture, and competitive context, and to adapt as the market changes. We will partner to ensure that you are collecting key data, assessing applications on factors that align with your target class profile and culture, and deploying a scholarship and yield strategy that will build that class.


  • Interviews with key stakeholders and users
  • Propensity to yield analysis on your institution’s historical data to understand the factors influencing prospective students’ decisions to matriculate
  • Assessment of current data collection, application evaluation process, and scholarship strategy

Development & Integration

  • Definition of evaluation factors
  • Configuration of yield and desirability factors and scholarship allocation
  • Design of dashboard and individual applicant profile views
  • Rigorous testing of tool and forecasting sensitivity

Implementation & Value Enhancement

  • User training and ongoing support to ensure adoption and integration
  • Annual reassessment of enrollment context and prior year’s data; corresponding updates to Enrollment GPS platform
  • Planning for future data tracking & platform adjustments



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