Data and Summer Sessions

Using Data to Drive Retention and Summer Success

Data and Summer Sessions

How can Universities better use data to identify the courses and modalities that will have a real impact on summer session enrollments and enhance student success? In partnership with Kennedy & Company, Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU, developed a comprehensive method for identifying the critical bottleneck courses that its schools/colleges/departments should offer each summer. In addition, as part of its new initiative, VCU also looked at what other data-identified components the University needed to improve to enhance summer session enrollments and effectiveness.

In this interactive session, Dr. Daphne Rankin, Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management and Ben Kennedy, Managing Partner of Kennedy & Company will demonstrate how to engage University stakeholders around summer session success, how to use data and reporting each year to best set new summer session schedules, and how to identify those bottleneck courses that have led to student attrition. This initiative also considers complementary factors for summer success, such as marketing, housing, financial aid planning, and budgeting that help ensure students can access the summer classes they need.


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