Feasibility Studies

Institutions embarking on strategic initiatives to launch new academic units or programs must be equipped with data-driven projections for these investments. Understanding the prospective student market, operational and capital costs, and accreditation requirements are key to planning for the implementation of these new offerings. In many cases, these feasibility studies can help serve as an advocacy document to Boards of Trustees or funding authorities to provide accurate forecasts for the investment needed to support high-quality programming in new fields.



Our work in this area includes:

  • Forecasting and projections for new academic programs
  • Feasibility studies for the launch of full academic units (e.g., Law Schools, offerings in the STEM fields) inclusive of enrollment forecasts, operational cost and capital investment models, financial projections, and accreditation support

Ecosystem connectivity

  • Enrollment Strategy
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Online Strategy
  • Academic Portfolio Strategy

Primary Customers

  • Boards of Trustees
  • Presidents
  • Provost
  • CFO
  • Deans of Academic units