A Net Price Calculator and College Affordability Tool

Ever wish your net price calculator could also double as a lead generation tool? Kennedy & Company’s 1st Aid Net Price Calculator & College Affordability Tool helps your institution attract and engage prospective students while providing valuable financial planning insights to those navigating the college aid process. Our innovative platform is built to be a resource that helps prospective students and families better understand the types of aid that may be available and how student preferences and behaviors can impact the total cost of attending college. 1st Aid can help you to:

  • Give an accurate net price estimate that satisfies HEA guidelines
  • Create a venue to improve communication between students and financial aid counselors
  • Gather more data on students that can create actionable leads and meaningful interactions


  • Can be customized to take into account institution-specific programs, pricing plans, and scholarships in net price calculations
  • Provides students with an in-college and post-college affordability snapshot based on realistic return on investment calculations
  • Allows students to see how individual decisions affect overall affordability in real time
  • Integrates with your CRM system

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