Kennedy & Company was founded to provide colleges and universities with a differentiated advisory offering targeted at addressing their most pressing strategic questions. Our client list includes large public research institutions, state flagship universities and systems, small private colleges, graduate and professional schools, historically black colleges and universities, and community colleges.

We are headquartered in Virginia, and proud to be a Virginia-based small business. We have smaller, virtual offices where our team members live. As we grow, we plan to establish offices in some of the country’s best college towns – close to those we serve and the energy, diversity, and innovation that colleges and universities create.

Our professionals have decades of experience in higher education and consulting and have helped more than 40 institutions craft new enrollment strategies, develop strategic plans, refine models for financial sustainability, and launch new academic (on-ground and online) offerings. The expertise we bring is detailed in our biographies, but we also want to share the key characteristics that we seek in our team members, as it is not simply what they know, but why and how they do what they do, that matters.

A passion for higher education and our clients

We want everyone at Kennedy & Company to take pride in helping our clients achieve results—that might mean the launch of a new academic program, new student enrollments, improved retention and graduation rates, or better financial sustainability. In short, we want you to come to work because you genuinely care about helping our clients get better.

down to earth

We’re looking for employees that are sincere, fun to work with, and humble enough to learn and take criticism well (including partners).


We seek employees who can clearly articulate complex ideas to clients both verbally and in writing. We also value those who have exceptional interpersonal communication skills. We are looking for consultants who can expertly lead a large meeting and also provide one-on- one counsel to clients.

entrepreneurial and innovative

Our ideal consultants are collaborative, inquisitive, insightful and intelligent. We want to encourage new ideas and thought leadership. All of our employees should act as entrepreneurs, spotting and pursuing new opportunities in the market.