We specialize in taking the “pain” out of the accreditation process. We work with a network of LCME experts—including senior associate deans, directors of accreditation, and LCME site visitors. Our team has a broad range of experience in medical education, with added expertise in project management and data analysis. We are collectively committed to helping schools develop the processes and expertise within their faculty and staff to address a singular accreditation event, and also structure ongoing CQI that will make future efforts less taxing. We offer a broad range of services to help institutions no matter where they are in the LCME process.


Preparing for a full or limited site visit? Find out more about our LCME Accreditation Fitness Program

The LCME’s recent change of “unsatisfactory” means that schools must demonstrate a plan with evidence of progress. Our Fitness Program methodology incorporates rigorous project planning, expert document analysis, easy to interpret reporting, and creation of the DCI as a database to get your school “in shape” for a strong site visit and continued CQI success.

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In the “off cycle” years and focusing on CQI?

LCME Element 1.1 requires that a medical school engage in continuous quality improvement (CQI) to ensure effective monitoring of the medical education program’s compliance with accreditation standards, requiring as much attention to off-cycle years as site visit preparation years. Our Fitness Program approach will get your CQI process and planning “in shape” and on point for future accreditation success. This includes data dashboarding to better identify CQI issues, track interventions and provide documentation of CQI success.

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Focusing on specific standards and elements due to a severe action decision?

Severe Action Decisions (SADs) by the LCME are increasing in frequency. Whether your status is pending or probation, we can help your faculty and administration work efficiently and effectively to address key issues, collect evidence and move to full accreditation status. This includes targeted analysis identifying specific reasons for receiving a warning or citation as well as customized action plans designed for an institution’s specific needs.

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