The challenges that colleges, universities, and professional schools face rarely fit neatly into one department. Each institution is an intricate ecosystem, and our services are set up to intersect and tie together key areas to improve overall effectiveness. Each of our services can be delivered at a school, campus, or system level, and each offers implementation. We are dedicated to working alongside our clients from the diagnosis of a challenge to the delivery of results.

Strategic Planning

Partner with our team to develop a clear, evidence-based Strategic Plan that is aligned with the mission and market position of your institution, and that demonstrably serves the needs of your diverse stakeholders and competing imperatives. Achieve short-term goals and long-term sustainability.

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Academic Portfolio Strategy

Align your institution’s academic portfolio with its mission, brand and revenue drivers. Our Work includes Market Research & Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Rankings Assessment & Strategy, Business Plan Creation, Analysis for Accreditation Support, Strategic Options Assessment & more.

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Technology solutions must solve for user and institutional needs, and must enrich your students' experience. Our CRM solutions consultants help clients with platform: Assessment, Strategy, Implementation and Customization, Communication, Training and Adoption.

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Online Strategy

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous? Fully online vs. Hybrid? As online delivery continues to disrupt education, choosing a solution grows more complex. Through offerings including Competitive Analysis, Business Plan Creation, Vendor/Outsourcing Assessments and more, we help you make sense of online.

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Enrollment Strategy

Develop an enrollment strategy that addresses target populations and funnel gaps, leverages technology and exceeds goals. Our Work includes Competitive Analysis, Yield Analysis & Scholarship Strategy, Market Research & Segmentation and Comprehensive Recruitment Planning.

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Student Success and Retention Strategy

Reduce costs created by loss of students post matriculation. Solutions include Operational/Strategic Reviews of Student Services & Retention Functions, Retention & Dropout Behavior Analysis, Course/Curriculum Enrollment Analysis, Predictive Retention Model Development, Strategic Retention Planning.

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Financial Sustainability

Execute for long- and short-term financial health. Achieve optimal resource allocation with Analyses, Assestments and Strategy Creation in areas including Revenue Optimization & Net Tuition Revenue Modeling, Tuition Pricing & Structural Alternatives and Budgeting Methodology.

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Organizational and Operational Planning

Improve stewardship of resources by operating more efficiently and effectively. Our Work in this area includes Analysis & Design, Governance, Master Planning, Workforce Solutions, Space Utilization, Service Delivery Design, Revenue and Cost-Sharing Agreement Development and more.

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Medical Education Services

At Kennedy & Company, collaboration is at our core. Our services support and enhance- not replace- key medical school personnel’s work on accreditation, curriculum, continuous quality improvement, and more.

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Feasibility Studies

Institutions embarking on strategic initiatives to launch new academic units or programs must be equipped with data-driven projections for these investments.

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