Medical Education Services

  • Clinical Site Manager Software

    With an increasing number of schools competing for limited clinical sites, institutions must be proactive in retaining the preceptor sites they have while continuously developing new opportunities. Our software solution empowers institutions by:

    • Quickly identifying current preceptor capacity and flagging sites at risk of no longer taking students
    • Securing existing preceptor relationships and developing new ones
    • Easily communicating updates and appreciation to preceptors
    • Streamlining LCME preceptor requirements for easy reporting
    • Managing clinical site affiliations
  • Student Satisfaction, Grading, Productivity and Student Success Analytics

    With so much available data, institutions often struggle to strategically direct resources and action plans. Our expertise in big data analytics can help with customizable executive-level dashboarding and modeling for a variety of situational needs, including:

    • Student satisfaction tracking and early alert system
    • Comparability of grading across sites, faculty
      members, and time
    • Faculty teaching productivity modeling and FTE
    • Student success and residency match propensity
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

    DEI efforts have never been more important, and
    our data-driven approach provides a methodology to support institutional DEI efforts. Our five-step process is customized to your institutional needs and includes:

    1. Culture & climate diagnostics
    2. Baseline community survey
    3. Salary study & benchmarking
    4. Strategic recommendations
    5. Change management & implementation
  • Strategic Planning & Financial Sustainability

    Kennedy & Company supports Medical Schools of all types in forming and implementing new strategic plans and in reviewing pathways towards better financial sustainability

    • Enrollment forecasting
    • Tuition pricing
    • Cost containment exercises
    • Net tuition revenue forecasting
  • Strategic Enrollment Management

    Kennedy & Company has developed web-based technology to assist clinical education institutions with:

    • Financial aid planning
    • Enrollment strategy
    • Recruitment strategies for URM and other student
    • Scholarship planning
    • Marketing/branding strategy and ROI

Our Approach and Team

We leverage a clinical education, accreditation, data visualizations and analytics subject matter expert network to ensure your solutions are grounded in the most current best practices and strategies. This allows us to scale solutions grounded in expertise
efficiently and effectively.