Student Success & Retention Strategy

One of the biggest costs in higher education is not the acquisition of new students, but rather the cost of losing them after they have matriculated. It includes not just lost revenue, but the additional resources dedicated to the student when enrolled, the loans that a student has taken out that will need to be repaid without a degree,  and the negative impact low completion rates have on the institution’s brand and recruiting. Focusing on retention benefits the student and the institution.


Our work in this area includes:

  • Operational & Strategic Review of Student Services & Retention Functions
  • Retention & Dropout Behavior Analysis
  • Course & Curriculum Enrollment Analysis
  • Predictive Retention Model Development
  • Strategic Retention Planning

Ecosystem connectivity

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Organizational & Operational Transformation
  • Technology Services
  • Enrollment Strategy

Primary Customers

  • Student Services & Student Success
  • Finance, Budgeting & Administration
  • Admissions & Financial Aid
  • President/Chancellor/University-wide Initiatives
  • Professional School Deans